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Adult Services


Community Employment Services

This program provides comprehensive employment services including recruitment, evaluation, training, placement, and support to meet the needs of job seekers and employers. Adults with special needs and other barriers to employment receive support and service to assist them in meeting their employment goals.  

Integrated Supported Employment Program

A variety of services are provided to identify opportunities for persons with the most significant disabilities that match their skills and desires with the unique needs of employers.  Personalized long term support is provided to assist with job success and retention. 

Pre-Vocational Services

A combination of classroom and paid work experiences is provided to teach and reinforce good work habits. The program focuses on helping develop critical work skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in competitive community employment. Specialized transportation is available for enrolled participants. 

Day Service Program

On site activities and community based opportunities are provided to develop independence, self-esteem, and enhance the quality of life for adults with disabilities. The program encourages adults with disabilities to connect with the community; it encompasses a variety of opportunities to explore the city and develop personal abilities. Specialized transportation is available for enrolled participants. 

Summer Employment Exploration

As students prepare for graduation and their life beyond, they often are uncertain about the type of career they may be interested in. Summer Employment Exploration gives students with disabilities, ages 16-21, the opportunity to earn money while “trying out” a variety of jobs. Summer is meant for fun, and this program includes a variety of fun activities aimed at enhancing individual employability.


  • Student preparing for graduation
  • Possess a desire to work
  • Ability to maneuver in a variety of settings
  • Must be able to provide own personal care

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