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KDPP "Year of the Build" Community Kick-Off Event
New Life for Once Blighted Area in Kenosha
Kenosha Achievement Center Marks 50 Years

What's New At KAC

Honor the Past by Building the Future


A gift to KAC's Annual Fund effects lives immediately; 
building a stable foundation for learning and growth.


   *  Installs lifting recliners for use by 45 individuals with significant
      disabilities, allowing them to maintain independence

   *  Provides daily transportation for 8 individuals with
                          disabilities for one month

                       *  Grants 6 toddlers with disabilities aquatic therapy for 6 weeks


   *  Purchases mobile technology for adults with disabilities to
      gain job skills and apply for jobs

   *  Provides transportation for 28 disabled adults to attend an
      outing, for example a Brewer's game

                       *  Supports 3 months of therapy for a disabled infant without
                          insurance coverage


   *  Affords an adult with disabilities 16 hours of training to
      prepare for a job in the community

   *  Provides round trip transportation to work for one week for
      two individuals with disabilities 

                       *  Supports 5 low-income and disabled children in playgroup
                          for one month


   *  Provides professional assistance for disabled workers to
      create well-developed resumé and cover letters

   *  Sustain preventive maintenance on one accessible vehicle
       for one month

                       *  Equips an Early Childhood Home Visitor with materials
                          and supplies for 26 visits to low income families



Changing perceptions.  Removing Barriers.

Building confidence. 


Your gift impacts many lives.  Thank you for your support!