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Empowering adults

Helping adults learn practical job skills and develop good work habits.

KAC offers adults with special needs the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be successful in achieving competitive community employment.

Summer Employment Exploration

Students preparing for graduation are often uncertain about their career goals. Summer Employment Exploration helps students with disabilities ages 16-21 gain a better understanding of the working world.

Students are given the opportunity to “try-out” a variety of different jobs in the community while getting paid for the work they do. Summer is meant for fun and this program includes many fun activities aimed at enhancing individual employability.

The program includes hands-on activities and soft-skill training to learn about the process of finding a job, developing interviewing skills, writing résumés, and maintaining employment. To be eligible, individuals must be receiving services from DVR.

download pdfSummer Employment Exploration Application

For more information contact Kourtney Bilotta, Vocational Program Specialist, at 262-658-9530 or contact us.


With a core focus on increasing independence through community involvement, Voyage is an active day program for young adults with disabilities. Participants develop life skills, enjoy social interaction with their peers, and explore recreational and volunteer activities in the community.

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For more information contact Ron Klemme, Adult Program Manager, at 262-658-9538 or contact us.

Pre-Employment Services

Through a combination of on and off-site paid work experiences, community volunteering, and soft skills training, this program offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to develop confidence, practical job skills and positive work habits.

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For more information contact Ron Klemme, Adult Program Manager, at 262-658-9538 or contact us.

Community Employment Services

Employment Professionals work with people to evaluate personal strengths and match them with jobs that meet their goals. Individualized employment plans are developed and may include a variety of support services aimed at ensuring employment success.

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For more information contact Gary Eckstein, Vocational Outreach Manager, at 262-658-9568 or contact us.

Day Service Program

Our team promotes the development of independence, self-esteem, and improved quality of life by designing personalized care plans to help people with disabilities reach their goals. A variety of on-site and community outings are planned allowing individuals to choose what interests them most.

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For more information contact Ron Klemme, Adult Program Manager, at 262-658-9538 or contact us.

Benefit Assistance Program

Do you have questions related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurances and public benefits? Our Benefits Specialists are here to provide answers, resources and solutions to problems. This program is designed for people age 60 and older, and adults ages 18-59 with a physical or cognitive disability, or a mental illness.

Depending on the individual’s circumstances, benefit specialists can help you to:
  • Understand, access and apply for public benefits
  • Apply, appeal and advocate for Social Security Disability
  • Access health care
  • Learn about Social Security work incentives and rules
  • Navigate the process and represent you when benefits are denied

Services are free and confidential.

Visit HERE for more detailed information. To speak with a Benefit Specialist at the Aging and Disability Resource Center call 262-605-6646.

Rec Night

A fun environment that gives adults with disabilities the opportunity to let loose and socialize with friends on Friday nights.

More information, including dates of planned events, can be found on the document attached below:

download pdf2019 Rec Night
Working in the community means respect, hope, confidence, life, responsibility and relationships.

- Mahmood A.

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