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Dream Playground Design Unveiled

Dream Playground Project

Did you know that most of the playground equipment in Kenosha poses insurmountable difficulties for children with disabilities?  When a child uses a wheelchair or has difficulty walking, climbing a ladder to experience the thrill of a slide or traveling through wood chips to get to a swing can make these simple pleasures of childhood unattainable.

KAC and the Kenosha Dream Playground Project have formed a non-profit partnership to work with the city of Kenosha to build a fully accessible playground to be located on Kenosha's lakefront at Kennedy Park.

The mission of the Kenosha Dream Playground Project is to develop a safe, fully inclusive accessible playground that will allow children of all abilities to play together, learn from each other, value each other’s differences and find the strength to overcome challenges thus creating a truly integrated environment where compassion, acceptance and friendship can flourish.

Please help us make the dream a reality!


Artist rendering of the proposed Kenosha Dream Playground.
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