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Our History

KAC was established in 1963 to meet the needs of persons with special needs. Through the efforts of the organizations known at that time as United Cerebral Palsy and Kenosha County Association for Retarded Children, KAC was incorporated in 1964. Early volunteers made KAC a reality through their personal efforts to secure financial stability. A debt of gratitude is owed the early Day Care Services Board: Dr. John Richards, Robert Powell, William Anderson, John Beni, the Honorable Harold Bode, Ellie Chemerow, George Connolly, T.F. Gustafson, Harold Kelsey, Elmer Ungemach, and Mrs. C.B. Van Patten.

In response to a growing need, the KAC facility on 79th Street was built and in 1974 the Palmer workshop added 24,324 square feet. Demand continued to increase the need for services through the 1980’s into the 90’s. In 1996, the facility on 30th Avenue and 74th Street was purchased to add 46,000 square feet. This facility accommodates the Early Childhood Services of Early Head Start, Early Intervention and Sprouts.

The original mission of KAC remains today – to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.