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Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) of Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. provides service coordination, special education, physical, occupational and speech therapies for children ages birth to three years, who exhibit developmental delays.

Developmental Check Up

A developmental check up in the following areas will assist you in looking at your child’s development.

  • Fine motor skills - hand & arm coordination
  • Gross motor skills - movement, balance & large muscle coordination
  • Speech & language skills - hear & understand sounds & words
  • Talking - say words and use them to communicate
  • Self-care skills - learning to care for oneself independently
  • Social / Emotional skills - appropriate interaction in the home & community

Click below to view age appropriate milestones, download & print fact sheets

3 months      |      7 months      |      12 months      |      24 months


The KAC Early Intervention Program serves all children living in Kenosha County who:

  • Are between the ages of birth to 3 years
  • Display a minimum 25% developmental delay OR have a diagnosed condition known to cause a developmental delay
  • Third party insurance is NOT necessary, however, families may be asked to contribute toward the cost of services.

Anyone can call Kenosha Achievement Center's Early Intervention Program to make a referral. Referrals should be made whenever a child is at risk or is exhibiting delays in development.

Useful Links & Resources

For further information contact:
Suzi Wolf, Early Intervention Program Coordinator at
262-658-9570 or submit this email form.