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Dream Playground Design

The Kenosha Dream Playground will be located in Petzke Park, 1700 29th Street.  The red box denotes the location of the playground within the park.  Click here to view the City of Kenosha’s Petzke Park master plan.

The Dream Playground Design

The Kenosha Dream Playground Project is working with the designers and community organizers from “Play by Design” out of Ithaca, NY.  Play by Design is based on their founder’s passion for design, quality construction, and the community-build.

Key Components:
     *  Smooth, solid surfacing for easier maneuverability
     *  Bird’s nest swings (2)
     *  Wheelchair swing
     *  Wheelchair accessible merry-go-round
     *  Commingled swings, side-by-side regular & adaptive swings 
     *  Braille & sign language alphabets
     *  Specialty slides that do not produce electrostatic, which could interfer
        with hearing aids & cochlear implants

Kenosha-Themed Design Includes:
     *  Ship
     *  Lighthouses
     *  1960s Rambler replica
     *  Trolley street car
     *  Kenosha storefronts
     *  Jelly bean stepping stones