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  • KAC Winter Market
    Start your holiday shopping!
    Friday, December 15
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm
    KAC Main Building




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Contact Us

KAC Main Office           262-658-9500        Fax: (262) 764-0751


Adult Services

Adult Services Coordinator
     Ron Klemme                    262-658-9538     Email


Children Services

Early Head Start Coordinator
     Jill Sorensen                    262-658-9580     Email

Early Intervention Coordinator
     Suzi Wolf                         262-658-9570     Email

Sprouts Playgroup Coordinator
     Mellisa Ollila                    262-658-9586     Email


Transportation Services

Transportation Office            262-658-9093 or 800-678-1559

Transportation Manager
     Mark Hinrichs                  262-658-9551      Email

Vocational Outreach Manager
     Gary Eckstein                   262-658-9568     Email


Business & Food Services

Director of Operations           262-658-9500     Email                    

Donor Services

Director of Development
     Kristie Matteau                 262-658-9508     Email

On-line Donation Assistance
     Donna Makouske             262-658-9528     Email